Our Partners

The project is made possible thanks to the extraordinary collaboration of Desjardins.

Cooperate to create the future

It is always with great enthusiasm and gratitude that we receive the contributions of our donors, who are at the heart of our mission.

The Montreal Esports Academy wishes to express its deep gratitude to the Mouvement Desjardins and the Caisse Desjardins des Versants du Mont-Royal for their contributions through their Fund to support socio-economic development aimed at supporting projects that generate wealth and value. for communities.

Such a financial contribution is essential to ensure material support and consolidate our services in order to offer solid support to young people and encourage the healthy and balanced practice of electronic sport. We are also working on the prevention of cyber addiction and cyberbullying.

The Montreal Esports Academy warmly thanks the Mouvement Desjardins and the Caisse Desjardins des Versants du Mont-Royal who financially support our mission. Thank you for being with us to develop a passion for electronic sport among young people.

E-sport as a vector for motivation

The aim of the project is to demonstrate that the supervised practice of electronic sport (e-sport) is a major tool for promoting school studies and possibly preventing dropping out of school. It therefore consists of combining the practice of electronic sport in the school curriculum of young people.

In addition, the project aims to offer possible solutions to prevent cyber-addiction and other issues related to poor digital consumption.

This project is an initiative of Canada Esports Academies

Thank you to Beanfield Metroconnect

Our players can enjoy a very high speed internet connection thanks to the contribution of Beanfield Metroconnect, the largest independent optical network in Toronto and Montreal. This essential tool allows them to compete against other teams around the world but above all helps their personal development as a player. We thank Beanfield Metroconnect for their contribution to the Canada Esport Academy.