Our partnership with schools

At the Academy, we offer programs and activities that use the passion for esports as a vehicle for player learning and personal development. Since 2018, our mission remains coaching and performance while focusing on prevention and healthy lifestyles in order to create the cyber-athletes of tomorrow.

We work in partnership with schools to offer extracurricular programs and activities to promote student learning and personal development.

Our educational program aims to harness the passion of young people for electronic sport so that they develop skills that will serve them throughout their lives, both in and outside of the game.

More than playing skills, our educational program allows students to develop:

Personal discipline
Interpersonal communication and teamwork
Critical analysis and problem solving
The ability to self-criticize and persevere in the face of adversity

All of the Academy’s programs include physical and mental health education and prevention activities to help young e-sports enthusiasts develop healthy lifestyles.

Services offered to institutions

Esports Concentration
Course integrated into the schedule
Team Coaching
Extracurricular Activities

Our partner schools