Our integrated programs

Our integrated programs are courses that are part of your students’ regular schedule and that allow them to develop to their full potential through their passion for electronic sport.

These courses are delivered all-included (course content, presentations, exercises, etc.) so that the teacher in your establishment who will give them has all the tools he or she will need at his or her disposal. A coach can be provided to assist in the presentation of the lessons to the students.

1. Esports courses, Career profile

In addition to courses on the games themselves, this course contains educational activities allowing young people to explore various careers related to esport other than that of professional player: organization of events, streaming, commentary and analysis of parties, etc.

2. Esports courses, Performance profile

This course focuses more on the competitive aspect of esports. The number of modules is reduced, allowing to go more in depth on each of the games. It is ideal for schools wishing to set up one or more sports teams within their establishment.

Participating Schools