Our Extracurricular Activities

We organize “turnkey” extracurricular activities in order to allow schools that wish to offer introductory e-sports activities without having to invest heavily in the necessary equipment and in hiring specialized staff.

When a school retains our services for extracurricular activities, our qualified trainer is dispatched with the necessary equipment. It offers students a brief awareness session on healthy lifestyles in connection with playing video games before supervising the play period with the students.

In 2019-2020, around ten schools in the Montreal and Quebec regions have used our extracurricular activities, and most have already renewed our partnership for the 2020-2021 school year or are in the process of doing so. .

Option #1: Free play room

The purpose of this activity is simply to bring young video game enthusiasts together in one place at school so that they can meet and socialize.

We provide laptops and consoles that can accommodate up to 15 players simultaneously, but students can also take turns if more than 15 people are present. Our animator takes care of the assembly of the room and the animation. On the menu: friendly competitions or free play, depending on the preferences of the students present.

Suggested format: one lunch time per week for 10 weeks or more.

Option #2: Initiation to Super Smash Bros.

The initiation to Super Smash Bros., on the Switch console, is something for a wide audience. It allows students to have fun and learn regardless of their level of experience with competitive video games.

Super Smash Bros. is a cartoon style fighting game featuring characters from Nintendo games. Each 60 to 90 minute session begins with a short presentation to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles. This is followed by some tips for improving the game, followed by a period of play supervised by our coach.

Note that this is our most successful activity with female students.

Equipment provided: Switch consoles, controllers, games, connection cables.

Equipment that the school must provide: Televisions with HDMI input, tables, chairs

Format: 60-75 minutes per week, ideal for lunch break

Option #3: Initiation to Esport Team

Through this service, we are offering schools the opportunity to set up one or two esports teams on Overwatch, Valorant or League of Legends games that train together every week. These teams can then represent your school in different competitions, just like traditional sports teams.

Electronic sports require strong coordination between team members and therefore allows students to develop their ability to communicate effectively and work together.

Your school should have the necessary computer equipment for team training.

Recommended format: 90 to 120 minutes each week, for 10 to 24 weeks.

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